January 17, 2019, Middle School


This week saw our first foray into the care of creatures at Nature’s Nursery, starting with the feeder creatures: meal worms, crickets, cockroaches, and red worms. While we were a little squeamish at first, we powered through and gave them the care that they need. We look forward to spending every other Wednesday afternoon volunteering at the facility!

Our chemistry unit is getting exciting, too! We learned about the make up of the elements, what each part does, and why it is important to understand how they function together to make up…everything. Over the next few weeks, we will learn how elements interact and react, why they do those things, and what that teaches us about the world we live in.

Mustang Cafe is getting ready to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day! We will serve a variety of Hot Chocolate-Based Beverages, as well as themed foods. Prepare yourselves for a holiday that is even chocolatey-er than all other holidays combined!