January 15, 2021, Lower North

The new year finds the students working diligently with all the units that we introduced to them last week.  We see and hear the hum of busy little bees.  As they work through activities, we encourage them to follow up with something in their notebooks.  Often they will draw pictures, write words, or sentences.  Many of them are getting to the end of their first work notebook and these will be going home as they are finished for you to see.

At the beginning of the year we introduced The Five Great Lessons.  When presenting a new unit we can often refer it to one of the Great Lessons.  This week when introducing our new History Unit we remembered the Third Great Lesson-The Coming of Humans.  Students will be learning The Fundamental Needs of Humans.  The needs of humans have not changed since the first human, but they have advanced throughout history. Students will do activities that show some of these advancements.