January 15, 2021, EC East

Early Childhood is the perfect time to introduce children to their place in our world-and one way we do this in Montessori is through our rich geography curriculum.  This week, we continued with Our School, Our City, and Our State.  Children enjoyed learning about the state symbols, the map of Ohio, labeling pictures of our school, and learning about Bowling Green.  In Practical Life, our second food preparation was introduced-pulling string cheese.  This work strengthens fine motor skills as well as enhances grace and courtesy as the child prepares the food to eat in the classroom.  Not to mention, it is delicious and nutritious!

East students explored pennies in a bank and writing on a mirror in the classroom.  In art, students used puffy “snow” paint to create 3-D snowmen.  West students added dressing frames to the shelves and the damper to the bell table.  Painting a snowflake at the easel was the art experience, and students also participated in a fun science experiment growing snowflake crystals.  Both classrooms added the cubing chains to the math curriculum as well.  These long chains introduce skip counting and also lay the foundation for multiplication and more advanced math.