January 14, 2022, Lower North

In history, we are exploring Native American cultures.  On our shelves, we have realistic props that give students a tactile and visual sense of important topics-from replicas of a tepee and a canoe to an authentically detailed totem pole.  Students are learning where the tribes were located, what tools they made, what their shelter was like, how they communicated, and much more.  Students have been excited and eager to learn about their past.

In language, we’ve introduced a new unit on antonyms.  At the initial lesson we used concrete examples to show the opposite meanings.  In the coming weeks, students will also learn about synonyms and homonyms.
Brrr!  The cold weather is here.  Please remember to send warm outdoor gear to school everyday with your children, including items such as coats, hats, gloves, snow pants, and snow boots.  We have the option of going outside anytime the temperature is above 15 degrees.  Teachers will exercise discretion regarding severe wind chill and other weather factors.
Stay safe and warm.  Peace.