January 13, 2023 EC West


We began the week by adding another geography unit; my school. Students discussed how outside their home community they are also part of another special community within MSBG. Works from this unit explored our unique school and reflected our classroom. Students discovered magnetic¬† vs. non-magnetic through our new science unit on magnets. In Practical life we added the small button dressing frame, transferred pennies into a bank, and enjoyed our food preparation activity of pulling string cheese! Color box 3 was added to the Sensorial shelf where students sort out the colors by light, medium, and dark shades. Using our auditory senses we also explored sound vs no sound for our new Sensorial unit. The liquid movement tile was added to our peace corner for an intriguing sensory experience as we use pressure to watch the liquid move around. Our bead cabinet is now complete as the cubing chains were added. It’s the same process as the squaring chains but works with skip counting to find the cube of each numeral 1-10 and identifies the square numbers along the way.¬†