January 13, 2023 EC East


This week brought us new Science, Geography and Sensorial units! The students began to study Animal Tracks and the science behind different tracks, patterns and habits. Our Geography unit introduced My School which allows students to explore their place in a learning environment, match Montessori work and nomenclature, and write about why they love MSBG! Pressure cylinders were added, allowing students to match and grade differences in pressure, a wonderful sensorial experience. In Math, students began studying the cubing chains. This activity teaches the child skip counting which is preparation for multiplication. It also indirectly prepares the child to understand cubing numbers. It is a very big work and requires a lot of concentration and fine motor skills. String Cheese, our next food preparation lesson, was introduced to practical life. Students practiced using their pincer fingers to pull apart the wrapper, pull off pieces of cheese and eat their prepared snack! We also introduced pennies in a bank to Practical Life and Cutting a Snowflake and Cutting a Spiral to our Art shelf. On Thursday, we had the opportunity to meet a Police Officer and his K-9 partner.  It was wonderful to learn about what K9 dogs do and the positive influence he has in the community!