January 12, 2024 Lower South

We have introduced the Tangrams to our students. Tangrams consist of 7 flat polygons, called Tans, that are put together to form shapes. The goal is to copy a pattern given without overlapping the pieces. Puzzles are great brain work.
On our Geography shelf, we have extended our biome activities by adding our maps. We have isolated 4 continents, which allow a more concentrated focus on the biomes that are found in each continent. The older students follow the completion of the map with nomenclature cards that teach more about the biome and fundamental needs.
For Grammar, our students continue to receive small group lessons introducing different parts of speech. This week small group lessons introduced the pronoun, the conjunction and masculine/feminine nouns.
The Erd family donated a comfy spot for our students to sit when they are in the peace corner. Thank you to the Erd family.
Have a great weekend. Remember we do not have school on Monday, January15 for recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.