January 11, 2019, Lower North

Happy New Year!

It was nice coming back for a short week and getting reacquainted. The short week allowed us to ‘get back into the swing of things’ of remembering responsibilities, going over jobs, and work. Everyone seemed to be happy to be back.

Our full week has us going over new Math lessons and finishing up cultural units that were in progress before the break. Students completed the Time Line Unit, the Geography Biome Unit, and the Nutrition Unit.

We started a new Zoology Unit on birds. Although many birds have migrated during this time of year, we pay attention to those that have stayed in the area. Students will have opportunities to learn about the feet, beaks, nests and eggs of different birds. And the treats we made for the birds during our winter party in December, will hopefully draw birds near so we can be ‘bird watchers’.