January 11, 2019, EC West

Happy 2019!

After reviewing our classroom rights and responsibilities, Early Childhood has had many new works! Both classrooms added pouring water to the snack table using glass cups and a glass pitcher. The classrooms also switched Sensorial units so the East classroom is now using their sense of smell to match and find scents while the West classroom is using auditory skills to match different sounds. In Art, both classrooms created some winter art by cutting snowflakes from coffee filters and taping them to the windows as well as cutting and gluing a positive/negative space snowman.

The West classroom continued exploring winter art by painting a snowflake at the easel and tracing a snowflake. They also introduced color box 3 on the Sensorial shelf where students can match light, medium, and dark shades of colors. In Practical Life we added a mittens basket and snow pants to practice self-care of preparing for outdoor winter weather. The image captor was also added to our peace corner.

The East classroom added yoga cards to their movement shelf for some relaxation and meditation through different yoga poses. They continued to work with water by using a baster. More puzzle maps were added to the map stand as well.

Both classrooms are learning about different science units. East is learning about seasons and weather and West is discovering dinosaurs!