January 11, 2019, Upper West

Back from Break

This week we worked on collaborative science, Medieval Europe, and writing.

For collaborative science we worked on magnets. We got in groups of two and explored different items. We had to figure out if they were magnetic or nonmagnetic, and what about each item’s composition made it magnetic. When we explored the items we had to write them down on a piece of paper and share it at group.

For Medieval Europe our teachers dressed up and taught us about how days were hard back then and about the dark ages. They taught us how the Medieval land was broken into kingdoms, like the Kingdom of Germany, Spain, Italy, and so on. Now we have to do an assignment on it.

In writing we worked on literary essays. We used the stories “Fox,” “Fireflies,” “The Other Side,” “Eleven,” “The Marble Champ, and “Spaghetti.” We have to come up with one strong thesis and use thinking prompts, such like “another example is,” “I use to think… but now i’m realizing…” and so on.

That was this week’s schedule.