January 10, 2020, Upper West

Welcome To This Week’s Blog By Isaac Orth

This week it is officially 2020. A lot of things have changed this week in Upper Elementary West. First of all, focus groups are now over (our work is outside in the hallway). We will be going back to focus groups on Friday, January 10. Also, we have started doing yoga in the morning with Miss Deb. On Wednesday we will be starting Astronomy. A lot of people are excited about that. Parents, I think you’ve seen the history folders your children have brought home, well we are done with that. We will now be learning about the 13 colonies and when they were established.  

In language Lila, Raylee, Allison, Noah E., Paige, Evie and I are creating our own paragraph with too many pronouns in them, then you redo them and put names under them. Example:

He went to their house.

Billy went to Chuck and Joanna’s house.

Dax, Tucker, Noah G.,Aria, Jameson, Christian, and Julian D., are working on proper, and interrogative adjectives. 

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Study of the 13 colonies
Mr. Dave introduces the astronomy unit