January 10, 2020, Lower South

Happy New Year! We hope you had an enjoyable and restful winter break. Our students came back ready for new units and new work. We were busy giving lessons in all subjects.

In geography, we’ve started our first continent study of Australia. Students are able to learn the names of the states and territories, the biomes, animals, and other cultural information.

Our new science unit is on the Muscular System. Students are learning that we have three different types of muscles: involuntary, voluntary and cardiac. Other activities on the shelf include parts of an eye, labeling the different muscles, and learning the jobs of different muscles.

We are exploring fractions in math. Students are discovering that a fraction is part of a whole. With the materials they are able to see equivalencies, compare fractions, and add or subtract fractions with like denominators. Our fraction materials help the concepts become more concrete.

We’ve introduced alphabetizing on the word study shelf. Alphabetizing is an essential skill that will help students in many day-to-day tasks at home and at school. Knowing how to alphabetize will make it easier for children to locate and use commonly sought information.

In grammar, we are learning about prepositions. Prepositions are words that show a relationship between two words in a sentence. With the work on the shelf, students will become familiar with prepositions and to understand their function.

The new units help keep the students happy and busy!