January 10, 2020, EC East

Happy New Year and welcome back!  The children were so happy to settle back into their work and routines in Early Childhood, and it feels wonderful!  We began our week reviewing how to safely walk in the classroom, and the procedure for choosing and unrolling/rugs to prepare for work.  We introduced new work at the snack table, pouring water.  Children can choose a beautiful glass and pour themselves a drink while they enjoy the snack table.  Another pouring work introduced this week was dry pouring using a funnel.  This valuable skill will be built upon in the coming weeks.

In the East class, art experiences including creating a snowy winter scene using white chalk and dark blue paper.  We also created positive and negative snowman pictures using our pin-punching skills.  The insets were added to the metal insets on the writing shelf, and the damper was introduced on the bell table.  In the West classroom, art experiences included cutting snowflakes with coffee filters.  Sensorial work introduced this week included color grading.  The cubing chains were also added in the math area.  These beautiful chains introduce longer skip counting and multiplication.
Both classrooms began the first Geography unit of the year this week as well.  The continent of North America was introduced with hands-on materials such as the puzzle maps, animals of the continent, and three-part card work.