Friday, March 1, 2019 EC East

Our school community celebrated Montessori Education Week with a Wild West theme!  We kicked-off the festivities with a school-wide assembly on Monday where the teachers led everyone in a fun line dance.  Other activities included dressing like a cowboy/cowgirl, showing school spirit with MSBG wear, and wearing wild western hats!  Children brought in canned items, wore their favorite community shirt, and also enjoyed a special treat from teachers and staff.  In Peace Pals, students in Kindergarten participated in a special yoga lesson!  We finished the week of fun wearing pajamas.  We appreciate all of our Montessori families’ participation in this special week.  We are grateful for Montessori education.
In addition to celebrating, early childhood students also created peaceful people to add to our peace corner.  Decorating wooden people allowed the children to create a representation of each person in our classroom communities.  In math, time and money units were introduced in each classroom.  Continued exploration of these concepts lay the foundation for future learning and extensions.  The West class sliced vegetables and fruits in practical life, while in East, sharpening a pencil was demonstrated.   East students also learned about nouns with a classic Montessori material:  The Farm.
Have a restful spring break!