February 8, 2019, EC West

Celebrating the Chinese New Year was a focus in early childhood this week.  We had the opportunity to enjoy a presentation from the Tam family and explored artifacts, photos, and customs from this holiday.  Students created dragon masks and tails and went on a parade through the school!  In art, students also painted hearts at the easel.  East and West classrooms shared new geography units, Africa and Antarctica, and began to study these new continents.

East explored a new movement work, the sensory circles.  Using feet or hands, these textures allow discovery and refinement of the senses all while providing much needed movement!  West students explored the sensorial works of the geometric solids with the bases.  Students also grated cinnamon in practical life.
****Conference times were sent home this week.  We look forward to sharing your child’s progress with you Feb 14 or 15th!