February 7, 2020, Toddler

Happy February everyone! This month we will explore our work using hearts with red and pink colors. Children will have the opportunity to engage in art projects using hearts. We will continue to foster friendships and kindness each day! Children are learning grace and courtesy using kind words and learning how to resolve conflict properly. During meal times we may pass food to each other saying please and thank you!

Sensorial work is a large part of our Montessori curriculum. Children pictured here are using the Montessori sensorial materials. Claire uses the knob less cylinders, following a pattern where she is developing visual discrimination of size. Ella uses the knobbed cylinders, helping to develop her concentration, coordination and the development of visual discrimination of size. David explores the wood blocks placing them on a balance beam, learning about weight differences.

Looking forward to conferences next week! I am super excited to show you what your child is able to do! Reminder, our Valentine party will be Wednesday the 12th! Please bring in 14 valentines !