February 5, 2021, EC West

Early Childhood has many celebrations they are preparing for this week! The students┬ástarted their dragon masks and tails for the upcoming Chinese New Year, talked about Groundhog’s day and found out six more weeks of Winter was predicted! We also continued our festive Valentine’s day works including painting a heart at the Easel, making and delivering a Valentine to a friend, lacing a heart, and making paper heart bracelets. On Thursday we celebrated the 100th day of school! It was so fun to see the items each child brought in to share!

Our classrooms also introduced new math units as East explored money and West learned about telling time. The East classroom also demonstrated a card-making station and added a damper to the bells. West added the cube of the trinomial to Sensorial and hair accessories to their grooming work.
As a reminder, next week we will be celebrating our friendships for Valentines day and pass out Valentines to our friends. Please bring in your valentines by Wednesday the 10th!