February 3, 2023 Lower South

Our new science unit for the month is on the Muscular System. The Muscular System is responsible for the strength and movement of the human body. Students are learning that we have three different types of muscles: involuntary, voluntary, and cardiac.  Other activities on the shelf include parts of an eye, labeling the different muscles, and learning the jobs of different muscles.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023, was the 100th Day of School.  In the Lower Elementary classrooms, there were several activities that the students took part in.  These activities included: finding a pattern using their name on a 100 grid, predicting where in the school they would end up in 100 steps, how many words they can make in words, One Hundred, completing 100 math facts, and sitting silently for 100 seconds.  To burn extra energy, we did 100 exercises throughout the day.  It was a fun-filled day; most importantly, we can say that we are 100 days smarter. 

In geography, we started a unit on the continent of Australia.  Students will work with the classic Montessori puzzle map and biome map.  They can choose nomenclature (matching work) of the flags, animals, biomes, famous places in Australia, and more.