February 3, 2023 EC West


This week we celebrated our 100th Day of School! Each friend brought in 100 items from home to share and display in our hallway! We also counted to 100 by tens and fives. Other activities included writing the numerals 1-100 and fun coloring page patterns! In math, we added the mystery number to the shelf. This work allows the child to see how many objects are in a box and then write their answer on a piece of paper, symbolizing that they “solved the mystery.” Every Friday, we will go over the mystery number as a community! We also introduced a new math unit on time, where we learn how to tell time on the hour and half-hour through analog and digital clocks. Our bell table now has all the bells to play the scale. In preparation for pouring water at snack, we demonstrated pouring water from 1 to 1. Our hair care unit was also shown in Practical life. Children can practice grooming, combing, and brushing various wigs to help prepare their independence for self-care. Our new geography unit is about my state, Ohio! We have enjoyed learning about the symbols of Ohio, fun facts, and finding cities! In movement, we started yoga!