February 28, 2020, Upper West

Hello and welcome back to the bloog! Oops, I mean blog. Whatever. Anyway, I hope everybody has had a good week and is ready for the weekend. So settle down and read the bloog! Blog.

This week in history: Sugar trees found in Canada. Great Britain miners go on strike. Four Amish kid-wait, was I supposed to tell you about what we’ve learned? Oh. Okay. Umm…we are learning about the Constitution and all the arguing it took to get what we have today. Miss Deb read us a book about that today. It told how one of the governors had an idea that was actually the base of the Constitution, but after the document was written, he didn’t actually like it. Come on, show a little loyalty!

With only thirteen weeks left of school, the teacher’s have been having us branch out more. Now, every week we sit with a new person so that by the end of the year, we will have sat with everyone. This is definitely a government level conspiracy theory to make the world a better place. Or something.

Last week we went to the planetarium. We learned everything about the stars and the universe and the planets. Special thanks Dr. Dale Smith for giving such an awesome presentation! We hope to come back again sometime. 

What else, what else. This Friday, the Jump Rope for Heart envelopes are due. For those of you that don’t know this, Jump Rope for Heart is a fundraiser put together by the American Heart Association, and it raises money for people with heart disease. Kids have been raising money for about a month now, and we’re almost up to 3,000 dollars!

This week is Montessori Education week! On Monday, everybody wore red. I can tell you firsthand that it kind of looked like an explosion of ketchup with everybody wearing the same color. Tuesday was, wear your Montessori attire day. Everybody had chess or Cross Country or other Montessori shirts on. Go, MSBG! Today was, wear your favorite hat day. Warrior hats, baseball caps, Mickey Mouse ears, and snow hats were everywhere. Tomorrow is Community attire day. That means sports jerseys, dance costumes, and business shirts. Anything you can think of! On Friday, the last day of Montessori Ed. week, don’t bother to change in the morning ’cause it’s pajama day! Everybody comes to school wearing fleece, slippers, and everything soft. Best day ever!

Thank you for reading the blog and have a good weekend!


Lila Vanneman

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