February 28, 2020, Middle School

We are back from our wonderful trip to Snow Mountain Ranch! It was a beautiful and rewarding experience for everyone involved, including our new best friends, Liv and Kristine, from the Montessori School of Evergreen, Colorado. If you haven’t seen the photos of us snowshoeing, falling, cross-country skiing, falling, tubing, falling, and playing (falling) in the snow, you should make your way to the MSBG Facebook page and check them out.

Our new major unit of study is Medieval Africa. We’ll be studying the geography, empires, and people of the Africa from about 500 CE to the start of the Renaissance in Europe. We will also be finishing Copper Sun and discussing the lasting impact of European Imperialism throughout the continent.

Mustang Cafe is plotting out its next celebration, which will be National Pi/Pie Day, March 14. Plan on joining us in the morning AND in the afternoon to revel in the glory of PIE. And eat PIE. PIE is delicious. PIE.

Now that we are finished traveling for the season, we will be re-focusing efforts on our seminar discussions with the 6th grade students, writing projects, and the many classroom and school projects that keep us busy.