February 28, 2020, Lower North

Happy Montessori Education Week! This week was filled with school spirit and all about celebrating 40 remarkable years of MSBG. Throughout the week the school, parents, community, staff, and students were shown appreciation. The students and staff were able to participate in the spirit-filled week by wearing a special thing for each day from ruby red attire to birthday party hats/favorite hats to wearing pajamas. The week finished off with the teachers and staff  providing the students with a ‘Happy Birthday MSBG’ snack.

In the classroom, students have been busy working on lots of new topics. On the grammar shelf, students are now working on a new part of speech, the adverb. In addition, the older students in the classroom have been introduced to contractions as an extra work they can choose for Word Study. Lastly, the Geometry shelf has been re-opened to students. Back in December students left off working on angles. The Geometry concepts recently presented to students were, plane figures and regular polygons. The plane figures introduced were, a closed curved region and a polygon. The regular polygons introduced to students included, a square, equilateral triangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, nonagon, and decagon.

After conferences we realized we had several students that are struggling to find a genre or book series they enjoy reading on their own. We are searching for age and level appropriate books to have in our classroom for them to select. If your family has experienced a book or series that your child enjoyed, please let us know the title, author and subject matter