February 26, 2021, Upper West

This week in Montessori schools all over the world, the kids and staff are celebrating Montessori Appreciation week. The event days start on February 22 every year.

Monday was School Appreciation Day, where you wear Montessori attire. I wasn’t actually there, but I asked what everyone did Monday. Everyone made heart gifts for their parents, and wore Montessori attire. Tuesday was Parent Appreciation Day. Everyone (if they could) dressed up as either their mom or dad.

Wednesday was Staff Appreciation Day. The students and staff dressed up in hearts and jeans. The staff got a catered lunch. Thursday was Community Appreciation Day. You could wear community sports attire, and can bring in a canned good to donate to a local charity. Friday was Student Appreciation Day. A.K.A. PAJAMA DAY!! Students got to wear their pajamas to school! I think it’s fun every year! That’s all for Montessori Appreciation Day.