February 25, 2022, Upper East

Tuesday was language day for our class. You had a language lesson here, and one there, everybody was doing language because, as I said, Tuesday is a language day. The day first started with a morning meeting. We always start with a morning meeting everyday. I think we did breathing for our mindfulness part after our 15 minute morning meeting. It was the 4th graders’ lesson straight away. The lesson itself started at 9:15 – the earliest the teachers could fit a lesson in. After the 4th graders’ 30 minute lesson, the 5th graders went next in their 9:45 lesson. Meanwhile, the 4th and 6th graders did their work making big progress and completing lots of work. At 10:15 the 6th graders had the final lesson of the day while the 4th and 5th graders worked until Read Aloud. For the rest of the day we really didn’t have much work time. There was a little after Literature Circles but that’s pretty much it. We had Writers Workshop before Literature Circles but those 2 “Specials” were the only noteworthy things that happened.

Wednesday is one of the few math days of the week so we have a lot of fraction and decimal work that happens on Wednesdays. Over half the class was doing math work. Then on Thursday we will have History, where we talk about Ancient Egypt. Then Art and Spanish as well. We will also have Collaborative Science. Thursdays are our busiest days for scheduled works.  Friday we will have our Geometry lessons and more work time in the afternoon. Then next week we will celebrate Montessori Education Week!

-Porter Dimick “