February 25, 2022, Lower South

We would like to thank everyone who met with us for conferences. Being able to go over your child’s progress within the classroom is something very important to not only the teachers, but the parents as well. This opportunity also informs parents of the learning experiences their child has been given throughout the past couple months. Especially since families are unable to come into the school building to truly observe their child in action during the school day. This school year has definitely come with its challenges, but from the support of families and everyone within our MSBG community we will continue to prevail. So, again thank you for offering your time during conferences. We greatly appreciate it!

    Aside from conferences, the children were introduced this week to a new zoology unit, mammals. During the lesson, Nugget, Miss Bev’s dog, was able to make an appearance and helped children learn about the many features of the mammal. This culture unit is certainly a favorite for most students and is our last classification unit pertaining to vertebrates. As the students explore the zoology shelf, they will learn a multitude of things including, the external parts of the mammal and the internal functions of the mammal. Students also have the opportunity to discover different mammals from around the world amongst the characteristics of these unique vertebrates.