February 24, 2023 Upper West

It’s been a busy week this week! In our History simulation, students have set sail for the New World. Colonists’ fate was determined by randomly drawing “fate” cards. A few ships were lost at sea with valuable resources, a few colonists ran out of food and had to eat animals, and a few colonies experienced good weather and landed safely in the New World. It was an hour of intense fun. In Math, students are learning about percentages, multiplication, and division of fractions. Literature circle continues to be a fun way to engage with a deeper analysis of a text. Please help your child ensure their reading is done by Monday morning. This is one work students tend to choose to take home over the weekend and complete. A quick verbal check from you can help set them up for success in literature discussion. 
This week we had 3rd years visit for a move-up day. In addition, each fourth year had a third year shadowing them for a day. Next week is Montessori Ed week!