February 23, 2024 Middle

Welcome back after the long weekend. It was great to field all of the parents of adolescent students for their Student-Led Conferences. Everything went great, and we appreciate everyone’s commitment to making this educational journey as successful as possible.
Back in the swing of things, the students are hard at work. Having finished studying A Raisin In The Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, the students have chosen books to read for their Independent Novel Study. This gives them the opportunity to choose the literature that they engage with and analyze.
In History, we are studying the U.S. policies of the 1830s and 1840s that led to the Indian Removal Act, the Trail of Tears, border issues with England (Canada), and the problems involved in admitting new states to the union.
In Science, we are moving from Electromagnetic Force to studying Gravity and Kinetic Energy in greater detail. The students will enjoy an upcoming project where they protect a “bean brain” with a helmet they design.
Next week is Montessori Ed Week! Let’s show our love and support for our community by engaging in our daily activities!
 – Monday: School Appreciation Day – wear your MSBG Gear OR wear Red and Blue (school colors)
 – Tuesday: Parent Appreciation Day – wear a wacky outfit or have crazy hair in appreciation of your parents
 – Wednesday: Teacher Appreciation Day – Wear tie-dye and show off your colorful self
 – Thursday: Community Appreciation Day – wear something to show support for a local team or business
 – Friday: Student Appreciation Day – Pajama Day!
Come back for next week’s episode, titled “Rebel Rebel” or “Why Does It Smell Like That In Here?”