February 22, 2019, Toddler


The Toddler class at MSBG has been busy exploring the sensorial and practical life materials. Children come into the classroom each morning and are ready to get to work exploring! Through out the morning children choose the work that interests them; taking part in a variety of work. Children are eager to paint, draw, work with the cylinder blocks, knob less cylinders and other sensorial materials. Each of the sensorial materials isolate specific concepts; helping the child acquire clear information and make sense of this information within their classroom environments. Children learn by exploring; using all their senses!

The next two weeks children will be exploring the farm! Check out our barnyard of animals by our classroom! I sent home a few of the farm and animal songs and finger plays we will be learning together!

Thank you to all who came to conferences. It was nice to be able to talk about all the amazing things your child can do!

Think Spring!