February 22, 2019, EC West

What an exciting week in Early Childhood! Transferring water with a baster was introduced in both classrooms as part of our practical life unit. This skill works on concentration and hand-eye coordination. We also introduced banana slicing as part of our food prep lesson.
The East classroom began to study a new Science Unit, Animal Tracks.  They explored the tracks different animals make and what similarities or differences they notice. The children also explored Grooming as part of a practical life. The classroom pet guinea pig was part of the lesson and the children were very excited to practice their grooming skills to brush Ruby!
The West classroom began their new science unit, Magnets. The students have the opportunity to study positive and negative charges and explore what objects within the classroom are magnetic. Also new this week was Pennies in a Bank, another practical life work. This is a wonderful work for fine motor skills and concentration. An extension of the Africa geography unit was introduced this week in the West classroom – making traditional African Ginger Lemonade. The children had the opportunity to grate ginger root and stir into lemonade. This allows the students to practice their  grating, measuring, pouring and stirring skills.
Montessori Ed Week begins Monday! We’re looking forward to a spirit-filled week to celebrate 112 years of Montessori!