February 22, 2019 Lower South


We have had a busy but exciting week in our classroom.  The third year along with the Upper Elementary students were invited to visit at the Performing Arts Center to hear the author, Tony DiTerlizzi speak.  He is the author of the community read book, Kenny and the Dragon.  They enjoyed a very entertaining and inspiring discussion of how he became an author and illustrator of over 20 children’s books.  He shared how important his 5th grade teacher was to him in inspiring him to explore creative ways to use his drawing talents that led him to be an author and illustrator.  He also shared with the students it takes many, many rewrites and sketches to get to the finished product but to always keep going and persevering through the process.

On Thursday, Dr. Downey Orthodontist office came in to talk about care of your teeth and why it is important. It is always a good reminder for children to hear about oral hygiene. A huge “thank you” to them for taking this time and spending it with our students.

This week we have introduced a new focus of study on our history shelf, Native Americans.  We will be exploring their way of life, their traditions, where certain tribes lived, and their languages, just to name a few.

The science shelf has changed from the study of weather to the study of the water cycle.  Students will explore the parts of our water cycle and how each play an important role in our lives here on Earth.


We hope you have a safe and happy weekend,

Miss Mary and Miss Jennifer