February 21, 2020, EC West

Banana slicing was the new food preparation work this week in Practical Life!  Students could tong half bananas onto a tray and slice them independently using a banana slicer.  Of course, enjoying the banana slices came next.  Also on the Practical Life shelf, students explored grooming and twisting nuts and bolts.  The kindergarten students visited Lower Elementary this week to experience what happens in first grade.  Be sure to ask your child about their visit!

In the East classroom, students explored the sensorial Baric unit, learning about heavy and light.  The hexagon box was added to the sensorial shelf as well.  West students explored the smelling unit, aiming to refine the sense of smell.  Students also explored a special snowflake experiment.
Next week is Montessori Education Week-see the special calendar of events for daily themes!