February 2, 2024 Upper

This week, students made electroscopes in Science and Oldowan Industrial Complexes (core choppers) in conjunction with their study of Homo Habilis. We also lost our ability to be bipedal for 20 minutes on Tuesday afternoon. We have a new appreciation for walking upright! Students also studied absolute zero, least common multiples, and mixed to improper fractions in math. In Biology, students studied mitosis and parts of a plant cell. They also continued their informational essays this week. We also made 100 cookies for each class today to celebrate 100 days of school! The 6th years launched their book sale today and made an amazing $130! They will be open again tomorrow, so please stop by and support them.

February 15th and 16th are conferences! In Upper Elementary, winter conferences are student-led. We wish students to be more involved in setting personal learning goals and accept greater responsibility for their academic progress. Student-led conferences support the Montessori philosophy of child-centered education. According to research, a student-led conference makes students more accountable for their education and empowers them to take more ownership of their learning. In addition, parent attendance is higher, parents and students engage in open and honest dialogue about learning, and students develop important organizational and oral communication skills as they present their work.The format for the conferences will be different from our Fall conferences. In student-led conferences, the spotlight is on the most important person: the student. Teachers will be available during the conferences, but your child will do most of the talking. First, students will give you a self-evaluation of their work habits and skills. Next, they will go through each academic area with you, give you their evaluation of their work, and share examples with you. At the end of each section, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Ask your child about their work, feelings, interactions, and time management (see our suggested questions).

Finally, students will share their goals moving forward. At the end of the conference, you will be asked to discuss what you learned with your child and then make academic and behavioral goals for the future. You will end with a parent reflection on the conference. We believe this is an opportunity for you to actively participate in your student’s learning and help them set positive goals.