February 2, 2024 Lower North

In lieu of the winter season, students this week were given new geography lessons. In Lower North, children are exploring the Arctic and Polar Regions. During this unit, they will be learning about different Arctic animals as well as the physical features of the Arctic by studying a map of the area. Students will also be learning about the similarities and differences between the North and South Pole. In Lower South, children are studying the continent, Antarctica. Through exploration of the geography shelf, students will gain knowledge of many animals who live on Antarctica, such as the Emperor Penguin. They will also be able to study the map of Antarctica and learn about its physical features along with discovering the characteristics of the North and South Pole.

Along with these rather cool geography units, the students were able to partake in the 100th Day of School on Wednesday, January 31st! They were able to show their creative side and wear a piece of clothing or accessory with 100 of something on it. They were also able to enjoy this exciting day by participating in 100th day themed activities. These activities included, putting together a 100 piece puzzle as a class, doing 100 exercises, playing a 100th day listening game, and more. The children seemed to have so much fun and are happy to be officially 100 days smarter!