February 16, 2024 EC West

With Valentine’s Day this week, we have been reflecting on our friendships and showing ways we care about one another and our community. Friends decorated, cut, and made a valentine to deliver to a friend. Our class also decorated Valentine’s bags to use at our class party. Children could paint a heart at the Easel. Another cutting artwork was making lanterns for Chinese New Year and placing them in our window sills. The mystery number was also introduced this week in math. Students solve what items are in a box by counting and recording the numeral down on paper. We enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s day with songs, games, and a special treat! Friends went to the hallway to pass out their valentines they made in each child’s bag. We love our MSBG students and families! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us during parent teacher conferences this week as well to share in your child’s educational journey!