February 15, 2019, Toddler

Music and movement! This winter we have had many opportunities for music and movement experiences! Through gross motor and fine motor activities children strengthen their large and small motor muscles. Painting at the easel is one work we do to strengthen the muscles in our hand and fingers; these activities are linked to successful reading and writing skills. Music helps us recall stories through song and poems, and aids in coordination. We use rhythm sticks, shakers and a variety of music each day.

Practical life skills continue to be a large part of daily work. Children learn to use a strainer, sponge, tongs and other manipulative tools. Practical life also includes care of self and care of the environment. Toddlers learn through practice and repetition. We prepare the toddler environment to include many practical life activities for the child to choose.

Next week we begin a unit on farm! Math, language, art and stories will have a farming theme!