February 15, 2019, Lower North

There are many life skills elementary students need to learn.  One that is very important to learn about is money.  This week we introduced our money unit.  According to the Ohio State Standards, first year students need to be able to identify coins by name and value.  Second and third year students need to be able to find the value of a collection of coins, solve word problems and use the $ and ¢ symbols appropriately.  Learning these money skills at an early age will help set a good foundation which is critical for their personal development.

We had two visitors last week in lower elementary.  First we would like to thank meteorologist Kimberly Newman from NBC Channel 24 News for coming in to talk to our students about weather.  She conducted a few weather experiments with us and taught us a lot more about weather.

We would also like to thank Huanfen Tam, Lillian’s mom, for coming in and sharing their families traditions on the Chinese New Year.  It was exciting to hear what they wear, what food they eat, and how they celebrate this important holiday of China.