February 14, 2020, Toddler

Building Community! In our small toddler community we build friendships, learn conflict skills and cooperation. Recently we have opened our toddler community to explore our neighborhood community. Miss Kat from the library was our special guest this week! She read us a book about a small yellow heart and a little mouse that finds comfort from a friend holding his hand. Miss Kat brought us yellow hearts to decorate and take home! Having visitors is another way we practice grace and courtesy; showing hospitality to our company.

We continue caring for the environment and for our selves. Children are learning practical life skills such as putting on snow pants, hats and gloves! We have a new fish named Azul (he is blue), we take turns feeding him each day. Toddlers enjoy filling the bird feeder and watching the cardinals eat at the feeder.

Many of the 1-5 math work has been extended to 1-10 for our older students. Math includes geometry such as shape recognition. We have shape puzzles on our math shelves and are introduced to the geometric solids!

Wishing everyone a happy and warm Valentine’s day!