February 14, 2020, Lower South

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!! May the joy of love and peace surround you today and everyday!!

Although this was a short work week, the students found time to work on the new work on the Word Study shelf.  Second and third year students will be exploring prefixes and suffixes.  They will have an opportunity to learn the meaning of them and apply this to their spelling.  First year students are working on language nomenclature.  This work is matching work of pictures and paragraphs.  It is a great activity for these young readers and writers.  They copy the paragraph focusing on comprehension, spelling, and punctuation.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day early this week because of conferences.  We had several activities in each of the lower classrooms and the students did what they wanted during the party.  Thank you to Mary Ann Dimick for supplying the ice cream sundae treats.  Also, thank you to our volunteers and those who supplied supplies for the activities.  We are very grateful!