February 11, 2022, Lower South

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 was MSBG’s 100th Day of School.  In the Lower Elementary classrooms, there were several activities that the students took part in.  These activities included: alphabetizing 100 sight words, completing 100 math facts, categorizing 100 words, sitting silently for 100 seconds, building a structure with 100 Legos, and making 100 snowflakes after reading the book, The Snowy Day.  To burn extra energy, we did 100 exercises throughout the day.  It was a fun-filled day and, most importantly, we can say that we are 100 days smarter.

Biweekly the third year students receive a new lesson in Imaginary Island.  So far this year, they have learned about advanced land/water forms, physical/political maps, and area & perimeter.  This week the students learned how to use an Atlas.  In the upcoming weeks, they will be presented with lessons that include: longitude and latitude, how to use an Encyclopedia, and researching a country.  This work provides all of the skills needed to design their own Imaginary  Island at the end of the school year.
Thank you for turning in your conference time requests and questionnaires.  We look forward to meeting with you next week.
Have a great weekend!