February 10, 2023 EC West


This week we added the trinomial cube, our last cube, to the sensorial shelf. We have also introduced baric to our sensorial shelf, where students used their sense of touch to feel the difference between light and heavy. Solid cards were added to our geometric cabinet to match the three-dimensional to the two-dimensional objects. For our next food preparation segment, students learned to use a banana slicer and enjoyed eating the banana they prepared. Students were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity to think of a story to write as we added our story writing box to the writing shelf. The box also contains two objects to use as a topic for their story. With Valentine’s day soon approaching, children painted a heart on the easel. Finally, we added a calming gel cylinder to our peace corner for visual relaxation. Ms. Brenda’s dog, Bdubs, also came for a live experience of grooming a pet, a fun extension of our hair care unit!