February 1, 2019, EC East

This week we celebrated the 100th day of school! The early childhood students all brought in 100 items and arranged then in the hallway for display, and what a variety of items we had to explore!  In addition to the 100th day celebration, both classrooms introduced the light table this week. The children explored how different colored geometric shapes could be arranged and illuminated on the table. This works is always a favorite and allows the child to be creative, while using fine motor skills to arrange the pieces in fun patterns.

The East Classroom continued to explore the geography unit Africa and made traditional African Ginger Lemonade. Each child had the opportunity to grate ginger, measure and pour powdered lemonade, and stir with a traditional African swizzle stick. This work is both an extension of our Africa lesson, but also integrates the grating, pouring and stirring practical life skills. Wood polishing and the lacing frame were also introduced in practical life. The children began a new Science and Culture unit – Magnets! Material demonstrating positive and negative charges and magnetic/non-magnetic were both explored. In addition, the children were able to use a large magnet to walk around the classroom community determining what items are magnetic.

The West Classroom added the entire bell scale to their classroom and the geometric solids – bases to the sensorial shelf. The classroom also completed a snowflake experiment using pipe cleaners dipped in a borax/water solution. Grating cinnamon was introduced in practical life and will be used in a later lesson. The children also began learning about Animal Tracks for their new Science and Culture Unit. They had the opportunity to explore different types of tracks, making tracks with stamps and matching animals to their tracks.

It has been a very busy week in Early Childhood with many new works centered on counting, practical life and science!