December 9, 2022, Upper West


Hello Families! Our students have been presenting their homework projects to the class. A sixth-year student presented a ‘liquid sand’ project, explaining that using an air compressor would expel pressurized air through tubing that had tiny holes drilled into it. This air system lays beneath a bucket full of sand, and when air moves through the air system, sand will have the consistency and properties of water. Students were able to put their hands into the sand as though it were liquid but when the system turned off, their hands were buried in the sand as it returned to its natural state. We look forward to many more presentations from our students!

We also started our new unit in History: Colonialism in the Americas. Students learned about cartography, map features, and the many ways to utilize maps. They are also in groups as representatives of different “colonies” and compete to maintain the healthiest and wealthiest group.