December 9, 2022, Upper East


This week students studied the history of space travel in Science. After they completed a timeline of different space missions, students made their own rocket using the same principles of reacting gasses and force (only using baking soda and vinegar). In History, students continued the simulation of British colonization of the Americas by becoming cartographers. The first step of their journey was to figure out all of the uses of maps (political, climate, time zones, destinations, and so much more!). They then put their knowledge of map-making to the test. in Geography students had to negotiate goods with representatives of their countries (other students). 

In our Language unit, students are studying transitive/intransitive verbs and definite/indefinite articles. In Math, students are learning three-digit divisors, the root of binomials, and graphing binomials. In writing, students are working on informative essays. In Botany, students are studying cells and in Biology, they are doing experiments to discern dominant blood types. Upper Elementary has started doing a “Free Friday”. This is intended for students who have finished their weekly responsibilities on Fridays. Last week students had fun making ‘ghost bubbles’ with dry ice. This week we cooked holiday recipes from different cultures.