December 9, 2022, Toddler

The Pink Tower

The Pink Tower is an iconic Montessori material found and recognized in every Montessori primary classroom worldwide. The Pink Tower is a seriation that consists of 10 cubes increasing in size from 1 cm³ to 10 cm³. The Pink Tower is introduced to children as early as age 2 and 1/2 in the early years of preschool. Although the Pink Tower is a sensorial material, it serves other indirect purposes by providing early language and an early mathematical experience with the decimal system. 

The Pink Tower is first introduced to teach children about ordering things per size. While carrying each cube, one by one, the child is refining fine and gross motor skills simultaneously. The Pink Tower’s exercises and extensions are meant to provide many cognitive and physical development opportunities. These opportunities include order, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, midline crossing, bilateral work, baric sense refinement, concentration, and self-confidence