December 9, 2022, EC West


This week we introduced the customs and traditions of Kwanzaa. Our students discussed the colors of Kwanzaa, the seven nights and principles of each night, created Kinara in art, played the Mancala game, and weaved a mat! Students also learned a new unit in Geography called My Home. This unit focuses on the student’s homes and the unique homes all around the world, and we talked about what they may look like. Students could match pictures and build a home using legos. In sensory, we added the rest of our geometric solids and gave a lesson on matching the bases of each three-dimensional shape. In our Practical Life unit, students explored lacing by threading a string through different types of lacing boards. This work will indirectly prepare students for sewing skills and build on their fine motor and concentration skills. We also practiced putting on gloves and snow pants to help build independence for the cold weather. A new peace work was added to the peach shelf this week; tracing a finger labyrinth. In movement, we added a bell to walking on the line. Students hold the bell and try to walk on the line without making the bell ring!