December 6, 2019, Lower South


We hope you all had a wonderful and restful break. The students have shared many stories about spending time with family and friends and were ready to come back to share.

We are continuing to study The Fundamental Needs of Humans on our history shelf and the biomes on our geography shelf. We continue our study of amphibians for zoology.  The botany shelf has work to learn the different types of veins, margins, and types of leaves.  As the leaves continue to fall around us, the children are able to pick them up, and apply what they have learned.

Lower South students have begun studying time, while Lower North students are learning money. Please help encourage these skills at home by counting change or asking your child to tell you the time (both digital and analog).   Another skill that can be practiced informally at home is the memorization of math facts. Some students that have mastered, or are close to mastering, their multiplication facts have begun the Decanomial.  The Decanomial has the student build the multiplication tables from 1-10, allowing them to notice the commutative property of multiplication.

On December 20, both lower classes will be celebrating our long break with a Winter Party.  We are asking for donations of some supplies that we will use during the party.  Look for the sign up sheet in the hallway.