December 6, 2019, EC West


We welcomed the month of December by studying the traditions and customs of Hanukkah.  Creating dreidels, placing candles in menorahs, and painting the Star of David were just a few works explored in the classrooms.  Students studied books about Hanukkah as well, including traditional foods included in some family celebrations.

The East class began a new science unit, transportation.  Work included sorting types of vehicles and art work of “mud” tracks. On the writing shelf, numeral works were added so students can practice the proper formation of each letter if they choose.  In Sensorial, our first bell was added to our beautiful bell table.  Students learned the technique to strike a bell with a mallet.
In the West classroom, the geometric solid cards were added to the Geometric Cabinet.  The students were also introduced to using the damper with the bell, to soften and stop the sound.  On the movement shelf, the sit and spin was introduced.
Thank you for participating in Curriculum Night!  It is always a joy to see the children share their work with families.