December 4, 2020, Lower North

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Students came back ready to work!  In math, they continue to solve word problems.  Word problems (or story problems) allow students to apply what they’ve learned in addition, subtraction or multiplication to real-world situations.  Word problems build higher-order thinking, critical problem-solving, and reasoning skills.

Third year started Imaginary Island.  Imaginary island is a year long curriculum.  Students will use what they know about land and water forms, learn new geography, math and writing skills, and use their imagination to design an island of their own.  Their first lesson was on islands and volcanoes.  They located islands on a map and did an underwater volcano experiment.  This week students learned about physical and political maps.

In Geometry, we continue to learn about angles. They’ve learned about the angle, its parts, and the five principle angles.  To expand on the topic of the angle, this week we had a geometry lesson on the relationship between two angles. Students learned about adjacent and vertical angles.  After being given this lesson, children were able to form the specific angles by using the geometry stick box. Also, students were able to gain information about each angle through Nomenclature cards.