December 3, 2021, Upper West

MSBG NEWS  By: Matthew Bostic. All the news that fits, I print

Today is Wednesday. We are getting close to the winter performance in music, and all groups are doing well. Especially one particular group is doing well. It has it all, action, suspense, and great music. One group is doing ballet in their performance, and another is doing very light dancing. In our group, we are doing movement, barred instruments, drums, and xylophones At recess, the middle schoolers, Upper East and West are playing a game called, Swedish. Some kids just get out at the start of the game. Others stay in until the last second. We have been playing football in P.E and we don’t know (because it’s getting colder) if we will have indoor or outdoor P.E. A few students agree that we will have indoor P.E others do not agree. Anyway, today is December first!!!!!!! That means 24 days till Christmas!  Literature circle is over and our teachers replaced Literature circle with Reading Workshop. We only have 16 days until winter break! ❄❄❄