December 3, 2021, Lower South

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We have two new units in our culture area.  In Zoology, we’ve introduced the reptile unit. This is our third group of vertebrates that we have studied this year. Edwina, our pet turtle, was a willing participant during our lesson.  Within this unit, students can learn facts about the parts of the turtle, internal functions of a reptile, and the names of some from around the world.  We also put out new History work: the Fundamental Needs of Humans. With this work, children sort and read about material and spiritual needs, thinking about how their own needs, and needs of others, are met.

We continue to study leaves on the Botany shelf.  The work that has been added will allow students to learn the different types of veins, margins, and types of leaves.  As the leaves continue to fall around us, the children are able to pick them up, and apply what they have learned.

Prior to this week students learned about the angle and the parts of the angle. To expand on the topic of the angle, this week we had a geometry lesson introducing the five principle angles. Students learned about acute, obtuse, whole, straight, and right angles. After being given this lesson, children were able to form the specific angles by using the geometry stick box. Also, they were able to gain information about each angle through Nomenclature cards.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school next week.  Your child will be visiting the book fair and making a wish list on Monday.  If you would like your child to purchase any books, we accept cash or you can load money onto your eWallet.  All purchases benefit our school.